E Cigarette Hookah or E Hookah Cigarette

What’s an e cigarette hookah? You may ask. Well, we know what an e cigarette is. It’s an electronic device designed to shape and look like a real cigarette. However, there is absolutely no tobacco within the pen. The pen itself will produce vapor and with a nicotine cartridge, will give you an illusion of actually smoking cigarettes. Is this a safer alternative? Yes, inhaling water vapors with nicotine will not harm you and is no different from using a nicotine patch. Remember, there is no tobacco in there, so you’re not burning anything. There is no carbon monoxide produced or inhaled.

So what about the e cigarette hookah? Yes, we would all assume that the e cigarette hookah is very similar to the the other e cigs. We know that hookahs are usually fruit flavored, so this must be fruit flavored, right? Correct! However, usually with e hookah pens, there is no nicotine. So it doesn’t serve much of a purpose in terms of trying to quit smoking. However, you’ll be inhaling fruit flavored vapor instead of nicotine’d vapor. Same concept though.

So if you ever come across anyone who refers to this as a e hookah cigarette, just correct them and let them know it’s called e hookah. That way, they’ll know how to find it.

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e cigarette hookah

e cigarette hookah


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